Three lanes were open at the entrance which caused this sort of backlog of vehicles! It took us 30 minutes from getting off the freeway to getting out of our car! INSANE!

The store that was so greatly anticipated became a extreme let down! I was not very impressed although the entrance was....well....pretty!

Do we dare enter the vault?

So that is where the Disney movies come and go every 7 years!!!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! - Jack Skellington and crew!

Go stand by the poster! OK!

Once again the Disney Esplanade always invites my son Calvin to the parks!

This will now be a Disneyland Resort tradition probably until the kids 18!

The entrance! Why we didn't have these types of decorations 10 years ago I do not know! It was awfully nice of Tokyo Disneyland to let us borrow their decorations! Makes me wonder how TDL went all out this year?

Main Street Station USA at Halloween!

Wife, kid, and friend of a friend of ours! Mr. MouseLounge himself! PodCast interview to be conducted later!

Testing our costumes! Well the basics!

Ah yes the E.P. Ripley pulling the Lily Belle!

HalloweenTime! Great attention to detail!


The lights of Main Street started coming on! Cool to experience!

I cannot wait to experience Christmas Season at DL with my rugrat and wifey I need a Micechat name for my son!


Yeah I thought I saw a pumpkin in there somewhere!!!

When the lights on Main Street came on!

Fun with camera settings!

At first I thought this thing was on Main Street Circle covering the Walt and Mickey statue but then I realized that would not be good!

Extreme flash photography Puhleaze!

Big Arrrrrrrrrrr and Little Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Mickey Pumpkin Mouse! Again thanks TDL!

Experimentation with flash photography!

With flash!

Without flash!

Main Street Circle pumpkins!


Roger Rabbit!



Well howdy Woody!

Jack! Skellington type!

Scary Tarzan! (Inside joke for a friend of mine!)


Jack's back!

Jack is just hanging around!


Que line was moving FAST! Shake your head and the picture may go back into focus! Sorry!

Trying to photograph at night while being interviewed for a Podcast! Try jiggling your head again!

It's beginning to look a lot like....oh hell no! Christmas in NOS!? What is up with pirates and Christmas!? "Yo Ho Yo Ho Santa's Run Off To The Caribbean!" - Jimmy Buffet


We even did a HAPPY DANCE! Must remember this moment of the return of the Pieces Of Eight machine!

So much so we went into character as pirates!

But alas it was once again BROKEN! Call it Pieces know what!

Darkness falls across the land! The midnight hour is close at hand!

Didn't realize Micke had two faces!

Simba Yo! Open your eyes!

Couldn't resist shooting the moon!

Main Street after dark!

The place glowed red and orange!

Let's see if Disneyland Resort can top itself for HalloweenTime 2007! Happy belated Halloween everybody! Now we can start the Thanksgiving and Christmas themes!