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Thread: Christmas 2005

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    When do they usually shut down HM for the holiday overlay, if they are going to do it this year? If I plan my trip for when the HM is closed, you'll see a grown woman crying in NOS...
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    Usually during September, I believe. I think it usually reopens very early October/ Late September.

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    I'm pretty sure that the "rumor" that the Electrical Parade is going down for rehab this Fall is true. A Christmas Fantasy is slated to be presented at DCA for the first time bringing some much needed holiday cheer to attemps of holiday sand castles and dinky ice rinks that we've seen in the past. A California touch added to the Christmas Fantasy Parade would be a nice touch but we'll have to see about that one. The Electrical Parade has been running for Four and 1/2 years solid so I'm sure it's long overdue for some rehab. Let's hope when they bring it back in the Spring that maybe we'll see a few new floats or maybe a few of the missing elements like the Dwarf Mine or Pinocchio's Pleasure Island scene.

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