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    Any rumors on where in DCA the Incredibles ride will go?

    Hi! it just hit me while replying to another thread about DCA that I didn't see
    anything about where the rumored new Incredibles ride (one using the robot
    coaster arm technology) will go.

    Personally, I don't see too many areas unless they go into the parking lot or
    tear down something. Also thematically, the IMHO best two fits are: Condor Flats, and HBL.

    Anyone have any ideas or hear of any rumors?
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    AAAhhhh!! Please - no RoboCoaster! Save that crap for Six Flags!

    ...oh, I forgot DCA is Six Flags, Disney-----but without the thrill rides... Dang.

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    first off the increadibles is only one of a couple of concepts in the running for a DCA Eticket it's still in the blue sky phase and may or may not happen (another concept in the running is a Cars ride that uses Test Track technology but Mr. Hill won't tell you that because he wants to talk about a Cars overaly on Autopia)

    then second to answer your question right now most sources seem to say that it'd go in the Hollywood backlot region beyond ToT (so would the Cars ride)

    apparantly Disney would like to create a pathway from the Warf area over to Hollywood (wise choice if you ask me makes traffic flow MUCH nicer)

    if you wanna know were "I" think the Increadibles ride will go then look no further than...
    the DCA LA Expansion!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo
    AAAhhhh!! Please - no RoboCoaster! Save that crap for Six Flags!

    ...oh, I forgot DCA is Six Flags, Disney-----but without the thrill rides... Dang.
    Yeah... I always wondered why, when Indiana Jones is one of the few modern examples of a Family Thrill Ride DLR has, that DCA hasn't even tried to create an E ticket dark ride. ToT... sort of on the right track. But it was a long time coming, and so far, it's too little.

    But it's not too late. Though it's a clone, it's one of the few attractions that actually made sense as a DCA attraction, and while some people disagree, it is arguably better than the original. And, while Monsters clearly takes liberal license with the Pictures theme (ignoring both the Hollywood and the Backlot), Turtle Talk at least shows off the state of the art in computer animation.

    Hopefully Monsters will just be a filler, and DCA will start getting attractions that first and foremost fit the theme, and THEN provide good thrills and fun for the whole family, K-12 and beyond.
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