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    Disneyland Snow Globe

    Have not heard much discussed about this new added Holiday feature at Disneyland. Anyone know anything more about it?

    "At the other end of Main Street, a favorite Disneyland holiday souvenir comes to life in the form of a giant Snow Globe at Sleeping Beauty Castle. Its occupant is a snowman whose holiday dream has led him to don Mickey Mouse ears and visit Disneyland. The Snow Globe will make its first appearance December 1."

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    Re: Disneyland Snow Globe

    This is the first I've ever heard of it. Have any details?
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    Re: Disneyland Snow Globe

    The snowman is part of the holiday marketing campaign for DLR. He's already appearing on billboards and other print materials. And he'll make his "in-person" debut at Disneyland on December 1.

    It's a clever way to tie in the marketing with the parks. But I wonder how the huge snowglobe will actually look by Sleeping Beauty Castle? Hopefully he doesn't block the view, or create any sort of congestion.

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