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    Re: New photos from 11/6 and 8 - Signs removed for Midway Mania, Christmas, much more

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbeer View Post
    The wall goes from just past the Carousel (still open) on the east end, and stops just BEFORE the first Midway game on the West side.

    There are rumors that some of the games will have to close in 2007 as part of the construction.
    Oh, ok. Thanks.

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    Re: New photos from 11/6 and 8 - Signs removed for Midway Mania, Christmas, much more

    thanks DB!! great shots as always!

    one question though: the rebar work that was going on in what looks to the be subs queue, all the structures covered in the yellow paper or w/e, i cant really tell from the pics, but are those looking like theyre gonna be permanent structures? like set up as part of the queue? or are they building those structures there and then moving em into the lagoon or somewhere else later on?

    i guess basically im just asking if they look like theyre firmly planted into the ground or if theyre just sitting on top if it
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