Every time you get back from the resort, swing by this thread and tell us how the crowds were and what time you were there AND how long some wait times were. That way, we can all extrapolate what the crowds will be like, and make more informed decisions on when to go (no more 2 hour parking fiasco for me!)

This way we can make it through the holiday crowd season together.

Kind of old news, but here is my 1st report...

Friday we got off the freeway at 4:00 and didn't get in the park until 6:00. It was closed but we had 33 reservations so we got in fine (supposedly they were letting in dinner reservations, AP'ers, and purchased tickets before 12:00).

The only ride we went on was ToT at DCA...35 minute estimate wait, more like 15-20 actual. We went on it again right after (we were the last elevator before closing) and we only had to wait 5 minutes.

Hope this thread will be useful as it will be boring!!!