So I was shopping for a song for our school's winter program and came across Disneyland Presents The Twisted Scarols From "Haunted Mansion Holiday" Sheet Music in the Christmas Section. I always thought those twisted carols would be fun to sing for Halloween with my classes since they're to the tune of traditional Christmas songs that everyone already knows. I was so suprised that they put sheet music out for this. It is music for the songs you hear when you're in line for the ride. The non-Danny Elfman stuff. I'm just amused so I thought I'd share. Here's a link if anyone is interested

I didn't buy the above because I took pictures of the lyrics when I was waiting in line for HMH one day, but I did purchase Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album which includes the song "What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)" I guess this music is from the 1980 Christmas special. Maybe they can make Star Tours Christmas themed too :P