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    trip report, including Club 33

    An absolutely PERFECT 13 day trip to California!! Five nights at Disneyland. Cast, my brother and I…joined on Tues & Wed by his daughter, her husband, and two boys.

    Saturday, Nov. 11, before heading to Anaheim on Sunday, we got up early and hit the Character Outlet store opening in Hayward. Glad we got there early!! We waited about 45 minutes in line to pay, but by the time we left the line had to be 2-3 hours long! Lots of 50th stuff available there.

    Sunday Nov. 12th, we headed to DL, with a stop at the Character Outlet store before checking in to the hotel. Mostly clothes…lots of pins…not much 50th merchandise. Checked in the Anaheim Plaza around 2:00. Our room was GREAT…very roomy, fridge, microwave, clean, quiet…and, an easy walk to DL…less than ten minutes.
    Highlights from Sunday…Jedi Training Academy, a really cute, fun show!! The roast beef sandwich from the Tomorrowland Terrace is excellent, and HUGE!! The “Jedi” host was funny…and sweet…there was one little boy who was just too little to handle the light saber and could not participate, and the host made sure he got a certificate.
    Watched Fantasmic by the river … had watched it from Riverside seating and Balcony last two trips…the mist, the fire, etc., were fun to experience again. Never get tired of seeing this.

    Monday evening, Nov. 13, after returning from a Price is Right taping, we ate at the Riverbelle…barbeque platter….delicious as always, and then took in a few rides before closing time.

    Tuesday, Nov. 14 … highlight of the day was lunch at Club 33!!! Something I never thought I would get to experience in this lifetime!! Took the lift…then the stairs when leaving. The food was delicious…buffet, except for the entrée…I had salmon, my brother and his son-in-law had steak with béarnaise sauce, my niece had pasta. Before our meal I had the Kurt’s Black Forest Martini…a subtle taste of chocolate and cherry…delectable!! A glass of Merlot with lunch that was like velvet going down. Service was impeccable of course, and our server pointed out various aspects and history tidbits of the club, and also gave each of us a printed sheet with the club history. But, food and drink aside, the experience of just being inside, of looking, feeling, absorbing the history, Walt’s dream, etc., were what made the whole time inside magical. Nothing you can describe to someone who does not “get it”! Time on the balcony should not be missed either…the view is like no other at the park, and again, just taking time to appreciate where you are! We did not leave without souvenirs of course….some mentioned by you wonderful people on these boards…the hand towels from the ladies room, the cocktail napkin from the bar…also brought home my swizzle stick and mints! I bought a Club 33 shirt and the wrist watch. I asked about the Mouse Ears and was told they were out, but, I guess seeing my disappointment, he said he had two put back for himself and gave me one…and I do mean GAVE me…then, to top it off he also gave all four of us the Club 33 ball point pens!!

    Did not get to make the meet this sorry I missed everyone!! Tied up with family/dinner at that time, and only get to see them once or twice a year! Next time!!

    Wednesday, Nov. 15…started off by an early entry shopping opportunity at 8:00 a.m. And, there was NO ONE in the park. My brother got wonderful photo’s of main street, tree, castle, etc., with not a soul in them….a rare opportunity!! I bought a few Christmas gifts for the grandkids…but most of all enjoyed sitting on the porch on Main Street, eating my gingerbread man from the Blue Ribbon Bakery, drinking my coffee, and just absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of the park in the early morning. We had reservations at the Plaza Inn for a character breakfast at 10:00, but when I made the reservations they had told me we could come in through the back door of Crystal Arts around 9:30 and get in…which we did…first ones in and had the characters to ourselves for quite awhile…Minnie, Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Chip, Dale, Captain Hook and the Fairy Godmother…Minnie and Captain Hook even sat down at the table for quite awhile…Minnie wrote notes for everyone…Chip and Pooh and Minnie were all on the floor playing with my one year old great-nephew. Best character interaction at a breakfast…EVER!!

    Santa’s Reindeer Roundup…my 3 year old great nephew just LOVES this!! And, it is a nice sit down break for everyone!! We decorated a cookie, saw the reindeer, watched the stage show. I am so glad they decided to bring this back this year.

    Thursday, Nov. 16…just my brother and I again and we did all our favorite attractions again…all the “lasts”!!

    We watched the fireworks and snow two evenings, spent some time in Downtown Disney early one morning, and after park closing one evening.

    First time for me on Monsters, Inc….cute!! Also first time for Bug’s Life 3-D show..enjoyed it…my brother enjoyed watching me more than the show though!!

    I liked last year’s Toon Town tree better, bending over at the top from so many ornaments…looked like toon’s had decorated it!

    The weather was perfect…80-85…short sleeves, no jackets…loved it (returned home to low’s in the 20’s!!) The crowds were non-existent. Went this same week last year, and it is just the BEST time to go!! Does not matter that the park closes earlier, because you can do more during the day.

    I am sure I have forgotten so much…still not totally back in the “real world” yet. Any questions…feel free to ask!!

    OH!! Another first this trip…In and Out hamburgers!! I am HOOKED!!!
    Next Trip - Nov. 13-19 2011

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    Re: trip report, including Club 33

    sounds like you had a great trip. Memories you'll have forever.
    I'm a little jealous about Club 33, but who wouldn't be.

    In and Out bugers are addicting.
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    I only care for Disney bling!

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    Re: trip report, including Club 33

    Wow - 13 days! How fun! Sounds like your Club 33 experience was amazing. Lucky!!!

    How was the Price is Right? My hubby is a total PIR junkie.

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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