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    My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    For getting straight A's on my progress report, my parents decided to reward me with a trip to Disneyland... Chyeah, I really think that's their excuse. They really wanted to go themselves. Haha.

    It was only the three amigos: me and my parents. My sister had gone to Mexico for a "Faith In Action" class offered at our school, so I was expecting a slow-paced trip.

    El Día Uno
    We left around 10am for a E.T.A. of 4pm... Our estimate was wrong. L.A. traffic's a bee-yotch.

    We arrived at the hotel at 5:30, rested up, and off to the park!

    Sorry, there aren't any pictures... In my excitement, I forgot my camera in the car.

    Well, passing by a Disneyland Resort sign didn't do it for me. But wait... What's this? Tram fumes? We ARE in Disneyland! (I swear they put crack in that stuff.)

    Walking through Downtown Disney brought back so many missed memories. Waking up at 4am on the day of the Pirates premiere, strolling down the silent district, getting scared by the Lego man... So where does this all lead to?

    First stop... You guessed it. Pirates (I'm a hormonal teenage girl... Give me a break)! I was sad to see, err, well... Rather smell that it no longer left that distinct scent in your mind. You know... That "Pirates" smell. Now it just smells like chlorine... Well, I got stuck on a boat with bratty 8-year-olds. I swear, when I was their age, I wasn't even that loud. Well, I am an introvert... But still! This girl kept shouting, "I love this part! You get to go through Davey Jones! I loooove this part! I LOOOOVE THIS PART!" Okay, we get the picture. They should bolt you down in IASW if you love repitition that much... I just hope the people behind us weren't virgins to the ride 'cause she spoiled everythaaaang. =P

    Afterwards, we go next door to HMH. It was a straight walk-on. I was happy to see the ever-so-famous bride monkey!

    Next we took to DLRR from NOS to Toontown to ride IASW (Whoa, shorthand galore). Silly me forgot Fantasyland closes for the fireworks. Can you say, "A little overzealous"?

    So we go to Indy, only to find that the wait time increased by 10 minutes. I was in the room before the pole, and I was so excited to finally push it... That was when I heard a loud boom and screams. Pooooo. And the system reset just as I walked out of the room. Maybe next time. Oh, by the way... New rat projections are awesome, blossom! I never even knew they were supposed to be rats before the new projector. Heh.

    We decided to go watch the fireworks, but we get crap spots for 10 'til. But I'm not complaining. It was still a real tear-jerker. But there was this rude lady that totally ignored the CM's orders and shoved through a bunch of people. Nu uh, not cool.

    Then we book it through Frontierland to catch the second Fantasmic!, and a CM nicely asked a lady not to step over the benches for her safety, and she rudely replied, "I'll take my chances!" She looked so helpless.... That killed the mood for me...

    Well, we were stopped by crowd control. And they spieled, "I'm about ready to drop the rope now. Do not run! If you run, you will cause a domino effect, and we will personally point and laugh at you." Haaa.

    So we planted out butts in front of the ROA for half an hour, and what do we see? Ducks! [Gasp] Are the real? They must be, since one just hopped up onto the ledge and splashed me with dirty water! Ah, my face! It burns breaks out!

    Fantasmic! was still as great as ever. I lose it at the finale, and tears just run down my face. Though it's weird seeing the Mark Twain River Boat stripped of all its 50th gear.

    After that we go back to the hotel and fall dead asleep.

    El Ultimo Día
    Our plan was to hit the road by 12. Since we got to the park at 10:30, everything was rushed so no time for pictures.

    I don't know what they meant when they put up "Theme parks are very busy" on the sign. There no lines for the tram at all. We even parked on the Mickey level.

    Wow, did I say how much I love the floral arrangement? It's a whole different thing seeing it in person. As is Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    Well, first we hit BLAB... Personally my favorite (though frustrating) ride. Heh. I beat my record with 157,100. Argh, still not satisfied with that score.

    Afterwards, we go to IASW. I think the reason why I love it is because I only go on it once every six months to once a year. Haha. Oh, and the lion topiary is just the most adorable thing everrr.

    We get back to the parking structure by 12:30 and the tram lines... Wait, what am I saying? WHAT tram lines?

    Too bad my parents had an appointment to appraise our house in Vegas. Otherwise we would've stayed longer...

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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    Great report.

    No crack in the Tram Tractor fumes, just the normal effluent of a Dual-Fuel Caterpillar - CNG fumes with just a drop of Diesel at TDC to light it off.

    Did you catch Small World Holiday after dark? The projections alone are worth a second trip down here before the Holidays are over - You can find videos of it on You-Tube (and probably all over), but it's 1000% better in person.

    And you tell the parents they don't need you with them to appraise a house... You have GOT to have your priorities...

    (Yes all you busybodies out there, I realize 15 is borderline for staying alone, but that's up to her and her parents.)

    Just leave you the room key and give the Front Desk their contact info, a cellphone, and some money for food, and they can swing back by the DLR and pick you up on the way home.

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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    Congratulations on your straight A's! Thanks for the great report, but it sounds like you didn't get much time in the park...

    - Johnny
    "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are." - BB

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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    Great report. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Pirates. Sounds like a great time.
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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    good report!!! sorry you couldnt stay there longer!!! heeh dont forget the camera next time!!! heeh jk
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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    Cool report.I cry at the end of fantasmic,too!

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    Re: My First Trip Report 11/21-11/22

    Yes, 15 may be borderline to stay alone....if they didn't live a 4 hours drive away haha.

    Yeah, you just can't beat fantasmic!, best show ever in my opinion. Oh, and i see people jump over the benches all the time with the CMs just staring helplessly

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