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    Disney Pins! 60% Off And Free S/h

    OK all you Disney fans, the Disney online store is having a huge up to 60% off on Limited Edition Pins, and all are with FREE Shipping! Those of you who trade them they have a bunch for $3.99! Enjoy
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    Yep grabbed a few for trading, it is not a bad deal. There's only a couple I'm going to keep.
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    Wow, they decided to dump all those unsold Disney Auctions pins over at Disney Direct! They are not eligible for the Best Guest discount either. No thanks.

    [edit] Ok, I take that back... I just bought a couple Jack Skellington pins. :o
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    They must be having a run on the pins; the pages took a while to load. I didn't buy any, but my Step Mother did. She's more of a pin freak than I am . . . sort of. I'm just far pickier.
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    It's so sad how Disney flooded their own market and now so many pins are not even worth crap.....soon they'll be trying to give some of those away. no wait, they'll just end up on cast lanyards.

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    Got to get rid of them somehow
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