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    Bear shooting game at the Pioneer Merchantile Pictures?

    I hope someone knows where I can find a picture or pictures of the mechanical bear shoot game(s) that used to be in what is now the Pioneer Merchantile. I was unable to find anything about these games except for a thread on these forums from earlier this year.

    I know its not the normal thing people take a picture of, but without a name, or the right keywords I am comming up empty.

    I know in one game the bear walked back and forth and when you shot the target on his side he would rear up and face you and then turn either direction and move again. I know they sped up but were the directions random or completely pre-programmed?

    The other game had two trees and the bear(s) would flip out on one side or the other and climb up and you needed to shoot him/them before they made it to the top.

    Any information or clarification would be appreciated.


    Previous thread where some information was posted:

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    Re: Bear shooting game at the Pioneer Merchantile Pictures?

    zomg! i so remember those games....i'd love to see some pix too, hopefully someone will have some
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