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    Talking Re: Monorail Question

    Certified nerd with a really fun and exciting job. Ohh yeah the benefits also.
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    Re: Monorail Question

    Its been a while, but I don't think you could put the train into forward right away - I think you would have to put the train in "stop" and then switch to "forward." And I don't think they had much time to react and to think of doing this. I think they probably spent their time pulling back on that control arm with all their strength. And yeah - you'd think the monorails would have spring brakes just like trucks, so if you lose air pressure, the spring brakes automatically lock the wheels. Maybe they do now - I dunno...

    Mono Blue was taken offline that night due to its losing air pressure. I was the one driving it that night. When I jumped in at the Hotel station, I noticed the air was lower than usual. I radio'd the lead, they acknowledged and told me to continue. All during that trip the air pressure kept dropping. I radio'd the lead again when I was entering the Park, and the pressure had gone real real low. By this time everyone recognized something was wrong (when I was at the Hotel, they thought the pressure would build back up on its own).

    We made it back to Tomorrowland just fine, and they were going to deadhead Blue back to the shop. But in the time it took to unload the guests, Blue had dumped all of its air and was now stuck in Tomrrowland, causing the monorails to go down while the shop sent out a tractor to tow Blue back to the shop.

    My shift had ended when I got back to Tomorrowland, so I wasn't there later that night when Blue fell down. It received a one-paragraph mention in the Times. I can't imagine if a steam train had been in the area at the time...

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    Re: Monorail Question

    Psst, Dante: Of course it dumped the last of the air - you opened the doors. They're powered by *air* cylinders...

    Amazing how important a stupid little thing like an air compressor really is, and the little pressure switch and contactor that cycles it on as needed.

    Still surprises me that The Amazing Gurrini didn't just lift the split air brake system wholesale from a Semi - you could lose the "Service Air" system and limp it back into the station to open the doors by hand and unload the passengers, but Blue wouldn't have moved if the "Emergency Air" system was flat.

    Of course with the Service Air out you'd probably have to dump the Emergency Air to get stopped at the platform, but that's the whole idea of a backup system...

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    Re: Monorail Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve DeGaetano View Post
    The last I had heard, Retlaw wound up operations a few years ago and no longer exists.
    How long ago did this happen?

    I visited the offices of Retlaw once, and that experience is a great memory for me.

    Perhaps, with the museum opening in San Francisco, some of the things stored at those offices will eventually go on display before the general public.
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