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    Our final day at DCA

    Well, final as in for this trip... (11-28-06)

    Very short lines at the gates. Not crowded at all inside the Park. We got our obligatory birthday pack of tortilla's. Mmmm good!

    We walked on Monster's Inc and TOT. Walked right into Bug's Life and all of the rides in Bug's Land. Walked right onto Screamin, Maliboomer and Mulhulland Madness. Could've walked on the Rapids, big wheel and Zephyr, but chose not to this trip.

    The only wait was for screamin. 20 minutes.

    We had lunch at Ariel's Grotto. Great food, lousy service. Had to wait for drinks, salad, food and dessert. Essentially everything. Even the bill!

    For those of you that haven't eaten there, it is one price for adults and one price for kids and then you can pick each course item from the menu. I had the daily special of grilled salmon. Very tastey. Our salad was (basically) served dry. No dressing. Had to ask for some. Had to wait (again). At least the dessert came in a timely manner (and complete).

    Saw the parade of Princesses. Ariel, Snow White, Mulan and Belle. They each came by the table for a few moments, said Hi and took a picture with the kids.

    We met up with Wolfy and the Wolfette, did a few more rides and then made our way over to DL.

    Met up with Lightyear, which completed the Wolf-Pack, did a few more rides and then walked over to see the fireworks. We arrived in front of the Castle about 7 minutes before they started and found plenty of space available. That rarely happens...

    The snow this year is thicker (larger) and lasts a LONG time. It was GREAT!

    The announcement said that the Park was closing, but for OUR shopping convenience, the shops on Main St. would be open an additional hour. We took advantage of that shopping bonus time (CHA-CHING...) hehe.

    USH wednesday and then home...

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    Re: Our final day at DCA

    Sounds like fun! Any photos?

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    Re: Our final day at DCA

    Actually, YES!

    Now that Wolfy has "shown me the ropes", I will be posting some when I get them loaded onto the computer.

    Thanks for asking. I'll do my best!

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