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    Christmas visit to Disneyland

    Every year my husband and I spend Christmas in Pomona. I was just having a wild thought about spending some of that time at Disneyland. I know that it would be very crowded, but don't have a sense of just how. We would probably get a hotel in Anaheim and be at the park Christmas Eve night and all day Christmas. Do they ever stop letting people in when it gets too crowded? Would this be expected on these days? Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with the crowds? Is it worth it or am I just nuts?

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    Re: Christmas visit to Disneyland

    My husband and I did it 2 years ago, and I would never trade it for anything else, even though it was pretty busy just being around all the Christmasy stuff made me happy. But they do stop letting people in when they hit capacity, they'll send you to DCA, but when they did that to us when went and ate and had a drink over there and walked around and looked at the decorations on that side.

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