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    The wife's RSP showed up on Monday and mine is MIA. May have to call them.

    BTW, anybody see the ebay listings for this stuff? Some fool is already trying to sell the boxed litho set for $1500. Plates or mugs for $85.

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    Yes, I have seen the Ebay listings and, to me, I think it's a shame. I am going to this event because I want the items to collect for my own Disney collection. These people go to these events to make a buck. I understand that not everyone can attend the event and these profiteers are providing people who aren't as fortunate as others a way to purchase the collectables. However, to me, it just seems wrong and I feel bad for that poor sap who's paying $85 for the tiki mug when it sells at the event (and eventually at the park if the 500 of them don't sell out) for $35.

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