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    Re: POTC Rush likeness debate proved on POTC 2 DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by krystledm View Post
    i can't helpo but think "if Depp is feminine, then 90% of hetro females must really be lesbians"
    Just because they like someone with femenine features it makes those who are attracted to him lesbians? Many gay men are attracted to femenine men, does that make them heterosexual? The fact is Johnny has femenine features, but is still a man. Femenine implies "female-like" instead of "he look like a girl."

    And remember, many women have a wider spectrum of attraction due to the way society respects their more open sexuality. Women are able to think other women are attractive without being sexually attracted to them, and it is much more acceptable for women to have some sort of gay or bisexual experience.

    And not saying that this is the only reason for being attracted to Depp, but women are much more open to appreciating femenine features than men appreciating masculine features.

    Hope that made sense and didn't rub anybody the wrong way.

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    Re: POTC Rush likeness debate proved on POTC 2 DVD

    just realize by putting it in quotes it was meant as an opinion, not a statement of facts

    and men are too insecure to say anouther guy is hot. (not all, but most) its retarded for this to be so, but thats just how it is, i don't think it has anything to do with women having a gay or bisexual experience.

    Furthermore (lol, sorry...) All people are attracted to "feminine features" because it is hunman nature. round shapes are more pleasing to the eyes. round is repeated in nature over and over. Round is also the shapeof the womb...this is why a circle is more comforting then a shape of mulitiple points... people see feminity and usually think back to their mothers, usually the first female they bonded with, of corse there are exceptions.

    anyway, i'm rambling....and i don't think he looks like a chick.....nothing androgonous about him....

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    Re: POTC Rush likeness debate proved on POTC 2 DVD

    Women are generally more pleasing to look at then men are.

    Johnny has the best of both worlds (though I only find him attractive as Jack Sparrow with the ruggedness).

    But that's just my opinion.

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