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    Re: Getting rid of the POTC bridge

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRider View Post
    The bridge was not built for Fantasmic.
    My sentiments exactly. The ride was refurbished and the bridge was built only God knows how long ago, then in 1992, Fantasmic was created, and then a year or two after that, they redid the entire Fantasmic viewing area to accomodate viewers and make it more comfortable.

    Quote Originally Posted by s8ntmark View Post
    Just look at pictures of Tokyo's POTC thats what it used to look like.

    As for getting rid of the bridge, hell NO! It might not seem like it, but congestion would be so much worse without it....even if they used the side entrance.....its not THAT much room. God...the pain of the old POTC snake queue would make me shoot myself....

    Picture the front end of it where the double french doors are at where you enter the building. Then just picture the rest of the ground was I think just leveled out from there, and yes maybe there was a hill leading down to where the water is for the rivers of america. Let's get some yesterland people in here to set all of us straight and fill in the blanks.

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    Re: Getting rid of the POTC bridge

    Here is a link straight to the pic.

    There is a picture of it here on this site in 1977.
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