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    Talking Working the System?

    Hello all readers!

    Tell me if I'm working the system here:

    My professor knows that I used to work at DL. He's joked about it during class. (No worries, it's all in good fun.) He pulled me over one day before class and told me that he doesn't like the fact that his son is sitting around at home doing nothing. He said he wanted his son to get a job. And since I know Disney, he asked me about getting a job there. So I told him that Disney's always hiring. He asked about requirements with scheduling and everything, and I told him. He wasn't that thrilled. After I read Al's most recent column, I told him about the weekend possitions that they were going to offer. I even sent him links to Al's article, and the Disney casting website. Well, he applied today (Friday Dec 8) and his son got a possition in foods working weekends and holidays. My teacher already knows I'm serious about the classes I'm taking (I'm a broadcast and TV Production major [I prefer live shoots: sports or news]), but will this put me a little higher?
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    Re: Working the System?

    it all depends on what the teacher is involved with.

    If its a straight 200 person book only class.. and that's all he teaches.. no

    If he also teaches self-study, lab-style, or research oriented classes.. then yes, it could make life easier.

    But don't look for favors from faculty.. remember most tend to look down on actually teaching. Unless you are in a flexible class setup with this professor.. that's about as far as it will go.

    Unless you are looking for the extra grace like when you miss an exam and need to still take it

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