Actually this is the third version in less that two weeks. I made a few mistakes and it would have been to complicated to correct them, especially when I noticed that the Island was too small. So I made another version and then another. Since I am retired and only "work" a couple of days a week, I have a lot of spare time so I keep busy mentally by doing this among other things. I also go out walking a lot as well. The sub ride was only in the first and second versions. I did not put it in this version as there is now a land bridge as an entrance so the sub can't go around the Island. It also takes too long. Instead I just let the flying camera kind of drift into the water and back out for effect more than anything else. Did you all notice the fish and the shark? Those were surprises that I was glad the camera caught. The NeverShark is very elusive and cannot always be seen. The name of the mountain with "clouds" around it is "NeverPeak" and it plays a big role in the sequel, "Peter Pan in Scarlet" that has just been released as the "Only Official Sequel Book" by the children's hospital that still owns the rights to Peter Pan. I have read it and is worth the read.