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    Re: What is on Walt's tie?

    Here's a post I made earlier this year on another thread back in May about the "Partners" statue and Walt's Smoke Tree Ranch necktie:

    Quote Originally Posted by Opus1guy
    There were actually quite a few celebrity owners (or "Colonists" as they are known) besides Walt [at the Smoke Tree Ranch].

    There's also still the "Disney Hall" at the Ranch.

    I've got a relative that's been a Colonist for decades, and we stayed and played there many times over the past 30+ years (after Walt had sold his share). It's a great place. Our last stay there was in February of 2005. It's a very special hide-away that even few locals know about.

    I have about 10 different Smoke Tree neckties, which often get very noticed by folk when I attend Disney events.

    It's a fairly private place and the Guard Gate is pretty good at keeping looky-loos out. They definitely don't encourage casual "walk-ins" and will ask what your business is. But if you call ahead and tell them you want to check the place out and maybe even mention you heard about the place because of Walt...they'll often welcome you to make a brief visit and perhaps purchase a knick-knack or two. In fact, just last year they opened a new General Store.

    Or you could make reservations and stay there. But be forwarded, it's not cheap. Your room includes (depending on what you pay) either full Breakfast, or Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. And that's the way to go. You meet great and interesting people in the communal dining hall. And great food!

    But the above (visiting and staying) is only "in-season" when they accept outside reservations (which is generally October to April). Outside that period, they don't take reservations and are basically closed to all but the owners and probably won't let you in for any reason.

    We love Smoke Tree Ranch. And can see why Walt and Lillian did too. BTW, on their website "History" page, there's a thumbnail of Walt and Lillian planning the construction of Disney Hall there. Click on the thumbnail and you'll see the full size photo.
    A Smoke Tree Ranch necktie is the ultimate Disney collectible, IMHO. And it's not even something that's owned by The Walt Disney Company!

    Here's the Smoke Tree Ranch necktie that I wore to Candlelight and Club 33 this year (which just happened to be handy):

    I should also mention that Lillian Disney apparently hated Walt's collection of Smoke Tree neckties (or hated the fact that Walt almost always wore them). And when this "Partners" statue was first shown to her, she reportedly said to sculptor Blaine Gibson something like, "Oh Lord. Did you have to do him with one of those damn neckties on?"

    Which of course, just adds to the legend and allure of them. IMHO.

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