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    I don't actually qualify as a regular since we only go 2 to 3 times a year (although the most
    was 5 times a couple of years ago), but we usually go for 3 to 4 days each time.

    But everyone is right, DL never really gets "old" for us (at least not yet). We definitely
    (even my ten year old daughter) picks and chooses what to ride when and definitely
    try to soak up the atmosphere and the details.

    We just recently went to WDW and really missed that intimate knowledge and feel
    of the place. Also esp. in MK, one whole level of detail is missing that's there (and we know) at DL.

    Another thing is that I keep learning new things in books and *gasp* internet sites! :-)
    that helps to keep things going for me as well. For example, I recently finished John
    Hench's Imagineering book; it was fascinating to read about the origins of PM (which
    the book talked about) and to hear (at the same time) about the rumors for PM2.

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    I also agree with Darkbeer ... if I just went to Disney, Disney, Disney all of the time, I probably would get tired of it ...

    Already this year we have been to SFMM a few times, SWSD and Legoland a few times, USH a few times ... The only SoCal park we haven't been to this year is Knott's.

    We went to Georgia last month and did Six Flags there, we are driving up to the Bay Area next week and going to SFMW, PGA, Bonfante and Santa Cruz. In November we are going to WDW, but are just as much looking forward to Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens.

    I'm not just a DISNEY enthusiast, but a park enthusiast/roller coaster enthusiast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbeer
    Iall the stuff on top of the Stratosphere Tower, including the new ride Insanity!!!!!!
    Total envy here. I love stuff like that and have seen it on the Stratosphere website, but I'm thinking of a trip there soon for the primary purpose of riding that.

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    I love to go to Disneyland just to walk around if anything. Days when it's crowded, even that can be a challenge, but during summer I mostly go at night when it's cooler and the crowds are not too bad. I'll be going a lot for sure this summer just to see the fireworks! I am off 3 or 4 nights a week, so I've seen the fireworks at least 2 or 3 of the nights I am off. It's such a great show. Like has been said, there seems to always be something new going on, whether just some new paint or a new show to see. I always look at the details, probably too much so. So I'm always finding cool stuff around the Park to check out.

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    If I'm alone in the park, then Yes, it feels kinda tiring. However, with friends (both here, and school), it's a whole another experience. Things are so much better if you have people to share with!
    -Monorail Man

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    Hahaha I go like 3 times a week and it still doesn't get o9ld, just last week I went into the Golden Horseshoe for the first time ever, and now hang around in there a lot. There are still a lot of things in Disneyland that I haven't done that just didn't seem to sound to interesting, so I still have things to check out, I mostly hang out in Tomorrowland though, playing DDR, hannging with push, watching the new ASIMO show in Innoventions.....if you wanna look for me, I always wear a hat, a black no fear sweatshirt, and dark blue jeans with black Dickies shoes......

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