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    Wink Has the info on Sub Scenes come yet?

    Is there any info yet on if some of the original sub scenes will come back or the AA's?
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    Re: Has the info on Sub Scenes come yet?

    They're supposed to. They're going to be cleverly integrated into the storyline. However, no one really knows if it's going to be all of the old scenes and what specifics.

    If they use the "old AAs", they'll have to remodel new ones. They've all been auctioned off.

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    Re: Has the info on Sub Scenes come yet?

    i heard that the sea monster will make a return.

    even if they dont obviously put something from the old subs into the new scenes. im sure disney will leave around some tributes in the attraction.

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    Re: Has the info on Sub Scenes come yet?

    If anything returns it will be all new. They went through and gutted the entire show building. They tore EVERYTHING out of the building, all it was at one point were the walls track and cat walks. Also as far as returning AA's that would be amazing because Subs never had any AA's to start with, they had simple movements on some of the things like the eels and the sea monster but no full AA's.



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