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    Well, I got a copy... and all I can say is this:

    Big Woop.

    The best marketing for the park was showing the park itself... It worked for Walt back in 1955... I suppose it would work today...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkurucz
    Most likely because the average WDW family spends more time (and hence $$$) at WDW than they would at DLR. Plus they are far more likely to stay on property. There is nothing equivalent to HoJo's at WDW. And by that I mean price, value and location.
    and Dinsneyland is more populated by locals whereas disneyworld has more tourists.
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    This is a missed opportunity. I agree that if you are not going to do it right, then don't do it at all. Disney now has three hotels to fill at Disneyland. You would think that they would feature what they have to offer in the DVD. All you have to do is produce a top quality DVD and then just add a tag at the end for the changes that might have happened resently. That DVD could be good for a few years to promote people from around the country staying at the Disney hotels. They will not know how many hotels there are around the park. Again a penny saved. A dollar lost.
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