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    Wheelchair Question????

    Ok, tomorrow I am heading out to Disneyland with a bunch, about 15, of my friends. One of my friends will have to use a wheelchair to get around. He will also have a doctor's note as proof(is that necessary?). Does anyone know the limit on how many people one wheelchair will get onto a ride? It seems to me that it is 6, but I have no clue why I think that! Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Wheelchair Question????

    Get a guide when you enter the park thru the turnstiles (The CM's are supposed to have them, if not, you can pick one up at City Hall).

    No Doctor's note needed, and they will only allow a party of up to 6 to use the "alternative" entrances, so for some rides you will have to split up, for others, you just use the main queue and then the entire group can hang out together.

    Why the limit, because some of the areas are not that big, and the areas get congested, such as at Peter Pan.
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    Re: Wheelchair Question????

    Ok, Thanks DB! This really helps! I guess I was right about the 6 per wheelchair!

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