We all have reason to celebrate the fact that the Tomorrowland inmages in Meet the Robinsons show our beloved spinner ride back where it belongs...in its elevated position on the tower platform / loading station. Whether Disney decides to call it the Astro Orbitor or Rocket Jets is of little consequence. Plus, this is a further indication that the spinner and the new pod replacement for PM will likely open at at the same time.

Who says that a new Robinsons based ride would be cheep? For all we know, it might incorporate the "trackless" tech system used in the Tokyo Pooh attraction, or an inverted guide rail such as that of Peter Pan.

Consider also that among the most likely places to house such a ride is in the HISTA building or the upper level of Innoventions. Even though we are talking about another movie based attraction here, surely most everyone would approve of the prospect of either of these scenerioes