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    Re: Dec. 22 Candy Cane day

    I kept watching for them to make them while I was there, but they didn't. They are huge though. Very worth the 8 bucks.

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    Re: Dec. 22 Candy Cane day

    In response to a few things.

    One, I don't know when they went to chef whites but that costume has been the same since at least 5 years, probably longer.

    Two, the candy canes are hard to make, and they can only make so many(very few) because of the process. They don't make that much money off that as opposed to them making things like fresh English toffee and that is WAY easier to make a lot of.

    It's about money and production.

    Be happy they made the canes to begin with for the holiday season.

    Three, the candy makers only did it for 3 scheduled days, and actually did 2 days of cane making due to conditions on one of the scheduled days.

    Four, they need all the people they have. They have staffing issues
    just like anywhere else.


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    Re: Dec. 22 Candy Cane day

    very cool! thanx for sharing!
    I'd rather be at Disneyland

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