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That sucked :P

I've noticed that they cut about half of Ryan's lines so far, the whole parade was rushed by in almost a minute and they usually just have floats sporadically going by throughout the broadcast. Overall it seems like they made it looked pretaped more than ever.

And hahahahaha they brought in the villain's float and used the Boo to You music
^I noticed that too!!! Boy, we sure do know our parades well!!! haha.
Hey, at least the villians got a little exposure this year. They're practically the red-headed step children of the disney family when it comes to the parks for crying out loud.
And, the Candlelight Christmas Ball Unit got on TV!!!! Always like that unit. Plus, Disneyland actually got some princesses this time. Have you noticed that WDW has hogged all coverage of the princesses during the Christmas specials for the past how many years!!!