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    Question A couple very quick AP questions

    The Disneyland AP site is really hard to navigate so I figured you folks would know the answers to a couple of quick things. One, you can buy an AP on a day it would normally be blacked out and be admitted on that day, right? And secondly, how much are blackout day tickets and what is the procedure for purchasing those (and they are parkhoppers, right?)? Thanks!

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    Re: A couple very quick AP questions

    Well the answer to question #2 is $30 and you buy them at the ticket booths outside Disneyland. Just present your AP. I got one a couple years ago on Christmas Day, it was a snap.

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    Re: A couple very quick AP questions

    Re Question #1, yes. You can buy your AP at a Disney Store for instance, and if the day you show up at Disneyland to activate your pass you can go in, but you must activate it that day. So go right to the Bank of Main Street right away and get you plastic card before the line gets long.
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    Re: A couple very quick AP questions

    I just got my AP renewed online. I just received a new card with my picture on it. Do I need to go stand in line at the Bank On Main Street to have it reactivated, or can I just start using it with out having to do anything else?

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    Re: A couple very quick AP questions

    Lost Boy here from my sisters laptop:

    Nope! As long as it is a plastic card with your picture and name and card number on it all you have to is go to the entrance and use it. They used the info they had of you in their computers to make the new one. The only time you would have to go to the processing center is if you name, address or other personal information changed due to moving or marriage.

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