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    Re: How Many Asked Santa for Trips to Disneyland?

    That was why I got to go early this month,

    that was my Christmas gift.

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    Re: How Many Asked Santa for Trips to Disneyland?

    I have to ask cause my Pass expires tomorrow and since the hubbie messed up his knee, he doesn't feel good enough to go. I cried on Friday cause I won't be able to go until we can afford to renew/buy our passes.

    I am so depressed that I can't go, but I extremely happy that I was able to go this year, and because of my pass, I was able to be a cast member, even if for only 3 months!

    Took mom to Disneyland for the first time in over 20 years this week! Woo!
    - March 1, 2006

    She screamed, cried, and laughed...
    - me too!

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    Re: How Many Asked Santa for Trips to Disneyland?

    Yup! And I get to go the day after New Years, and a bonus on MLK weekend for my 16th birthday!

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