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    New Vacation Planning Video?

    Is there a new DVD for the YOMD? I heard there was. Is there a link to the Disneyland site to get that DVD for free and sent to my house like the 50th?
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    Re: New Vacation Planning Video?

    Yes, there is. We got ours a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had the time to check it out, so I don't know how (if any) different it is from the 50th one.

    We got an email offer for it. Sorry, I didn't keep the link, I just clicked on it and ordered it.


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    Re: New Vacation Planning Video?

    I couldn't find this on the Disneyland Resort website, however I did find it on the Disney Parks website.

    just scroll down and click "Request a Free Vacation Planning DVD"

    I got the DVD a couple of weeks ago, and it is different than the 50th DVD, and I think it was fairly well done. The major difference is that it is a "Disney Parks" DVD rather than a resort-specific DVD, but overall it was well done.

    Hope that Helps


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