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    After New years?

    How bad are the crowds in the days after new years???
    I will be there from the 31st till the 9th and was wondering what crowds will be like.

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    Re: After New years?

    After the 2nd its empty

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    Re: After New years?


    New Years Eve is one of the busiest days of the year, so much so, they don't even run trams in the evening, since it would create too many traffic issues, you just walk back to the parking structure by walking down the Tram road.

    The 1st isn't bad in the morning, if you have Early Entry, I would get to the park to be able to enter at 7 AM, you should have a few good hours before it gets busy.

    MANY schools have adjusted its schedules to not return until January 8th (this has to do with Three Kings Day and unexcused absences, the schools were loosing too much money), This has created much larger crowds the last few years, last year, the first week of January was almost as busy as the 2 weeks prior (aka PEAK Christmas break).

    Add to that the new "Rockin' Both Parks" promotion, the planned SoCal Ticket discount (sounds like the 2fer), and the advertising that all starts January 3rd, and you have a busy time period.

    Add to that the fact the SoCal AP's have been blocked out for the last 2 weeks, and the Deluxe AP's for 1 week, and can now re-enter the parks.

    Disney has extended hours due to the expected large crowds.

    You best hope, Rain, as many locals will avoid the park....

    January 8th and 9th should be wonderful for short lines and a casual day.
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    Re: After New years?

    I've been to Disneyland several times on New Year's DAY and it was fantastic. Get there right at opening and you'll hop on just about everything you want to in no time at all. It was even moderate in the mid-day and evening.

    Reasons why:

    -Everyone else partied too hard New Year's Eve
    -Everyone else is watching the Rose Parade in Pasadena or at home
    -Everyone else is watching the Rose Bowl in Pasadena or at home
    -Afraid that Disneyland would be crowded and stayed at home


    This was all before DCA moved in, so I really couldn't tell you if it's that great anymore.

    I just remembered the days I was working at the park on New Year's Day and I begged and begged to drop my shift because maybe 1-2 persons walked by me every 20 minutes and nobody wanted a $5 hot dog.

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