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    Re: Where's the sex and violence from the 50th show?

    I agree...but

    As I walked through DCA with a friend, she commented how strange it was to hear booty thumbing party music referring to sexually explict acts and violence while at a family part.

    Does bringing back all the good stuff that I wholey support in the above statements---open the park to more sub-standard stuff that also breaks from the PC park they have built?

    I don't think so as a Disney fan, but that was not the reaction my friend gave me as I weighed out the same argument.

    Common sense and adult themes for all.

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    Re: Where's the sex and violence from the 50th show?

    i miss the cabin, not the settler, lol

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    Re: Where's the sex and violence from the 50th show?

    They'll have to replace them with the new villian of the Disney bottom line, the parent who won't buy their kid all the plush toys and candy they want.
    *shudders and cold shiver run up spine*

    ow god if this happened we would have more ***** villans like Alamita Slim from home on the range! why can't there be good villans anymore, as well as better villan deaths! in recent years the villan hasn't died or there death is not impressive. the last good death i remember was clayton's from tarzan!

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