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    Red Face Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    About going anytime the rest of this week NO MATTER HOW BAD THE CROWDS ARE, ya might wanna wait. I got at the park around 8:30 and there was line (like always) to get through the main gate, no biggie. Played in both parks untill about 2:00. Had a blast, but here is the stuff you guys might want to think twice about......When I left to get back on the tram the line for the bag check was all the way passed THE WORLD OF DISNEY entrance & into Down town Disney. Then the lines to by your tickets were crazy long, THEN the lines to get into disneyland were almost to DCA! I know that this has already been covered but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on how it is. I have never seen it this bad, but then agagin I get there at the crack of dawn! so good luck to anyone who is planning on going and get there early unless you wanna wait in 3 lines for about 2 hours.


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    Re: Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    You know, Im sure part of this is because APs are no longer blocked out PLUS this new Rockin thing today...Im slightly worried about the Finding Nemo opening. What kind of crowds will we be seeing then.
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    Re: Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    I'm going next Sunday to see the last performance of the holiday fireworks, hopefully, and that's ALL I'm going to do.

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    Re: Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    It's been crazy since December.

    Hopefully, there will be an off season.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    Off season....LOL! Not yet, maybe in February!
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    Re: Was at the park today and If your thinking..

    Once schools are back in session, HOPEFULLY it will die down.
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