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    A Perfect Moment

    I'll have a fuller trip report later; I'm waiting for the film to come back, and will probably just put everything in html and link to it. In short, it was a blast.

    On Saturday morning, we had a singular experience. I had mistakenly set the clock wrong the night before; and this led to our getting up an hour early (and not realizing it until we were walking through the lobby).

    So we walked into the plaza at 6 am.

    Imagine it. We're the only guests there. It's totally quiet. No background music. Only the sound of the birds. It's about 63, there's a soft gentle breeze, everything is completely tranquil.

    It's not something you'd normally expect to see; but it sure was nice.

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    Wow, Wotan, moments like that really don't happen often.

    I have a friend who used to work for DL maintenance and he once gave me a sort of backstage tour off-hours, so he and I were in the park at 4 or 5 in the morning. It was really surreal to be there on a foggy, quiet morning with no one around except janitorial staff. I'll never forget it!


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    WOW, sounds really wonderful, have seen the park after closing with no one in it, also very peaceful, but just a bit eery! Glad you had a special moment that most people don't get to experience!
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    I think it was RU42 that posted a picture of Rivers of America just before the break of dawn. Makes me want to be there.

    One early morning "Perfect Moment" I had was standing in front of the castle, with only Early Entry people around. It was awesome.
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