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    What are these??? along the parade route.

    Ok so this has been bugging me for some time now and I cant find a decent picture but there under all the circle benchs around Town Square and I know theres one right behind the churro cart and a few more along the parade route and at the hub I think.

    Look under the bench in the pic and you can see what im talking about incase I confused you Im thinking there subwoofers for the speakers but then there are none along the main strech of Main Street. Anyone know what they are I will be very greatful to know. Thanks!!!!
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    Re: What are these??? along the parade route.

    Along Main street, they are hidden in the buildings themselves. Specifically along the main stretch of the street, the music relies on high-end speakers to produce all frequencies... with only a few subwoofers.
    You'll see the subwoofers again in the hub, where they appear as huge green boxes surrounded by hedges.

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    Re: What are these??? along the parade route.

    I'll get better pictures for you.

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