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    Re: DLR Podcast on Rockin Both Parks: "Our tagline for this is 'Space Mountain Reveal

    Quote Originally Posted by figment1986 View Post
    vekoma made the track based upon the old design according to many sites... AMEC Dynamic built it from the track delivered...
    At least somebody's on the right track.
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    Re: DLR Podcast on Rockin Both Parks: "Our tagline for this is 'Space Mountain Reveal

    I just finally got around to listening to the podcast. It was embarrassing. Everyone was as excited about it as I remember people being for the opening of Indiana Jones. It wasn't worth the hype.

    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan View Post
    I agree MasterGracey that these two imagineers seem to miss what Disneyland is all about. ... People complain when the name Walt is invoked. But I have to here. It was his idea to have a roller coaster in the dark. I have to say that it was a brilliant idea since darkness does heighten the thrill. I don't think this "rockin" ride reflects Walt's concern for quality, cutting edge rides or rides for the whole family.
    I also have to say that I think there is no way in the world Walt would want the Chili Peppers representing Disneyland. While I like their music, and had seen them in concert, bought their CDs, etc., I think they are not very good Disney reps. This is a band famous for an Abbey Road photo in which they crossed the street like the Beatles wearing nothing but a single sock each, covering their junk. Their concert motto is "Rock out with your [bleep] out." Walt would have freaked.
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