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    Exclamation Disneyland Rip-off?

    I found this in the newest issue of Game Informer magazine. It's some kind of Dance Dance Revolution-like game, and while reading the snippet about it, I noticed this in the background.

    That two-headed green alien from Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters!! It even has the square target and the "Z" and everything.

    Does anyone have a picture of the real one from the ride to compare? I just thought this was a little interesting...

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    Re: Disneyland Rip-off?

    Hahaha Nice find!

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    Re: Disneyland Rip-off?


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    Re: Disneyland Rip-off?

    That does look like that monster in BLAB. I wonder what it is doing in the DDR ripoff game.

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