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    Help with my mum's birthday!

    Ok, I am wondering what someone would recommend for my mum. It is her birthday in 2 weeks and well, I want to do something fun/ special for her since I haven't been in the country the past 3yrs for her birthday. It will be just 3 of us going and well, 2 of us are picky eaters and budgets aren't that great. Picky as in: I like red meat, but must be able to have my hamburger medium rare...(would this be possible @Ariel's Grotto?)
    We only have a time slot from 12:30-5pm, so that is a problem as well.
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    Re: Looking for a website...

    Judimouse Have a website that have all the menu that around and in disneyland resort
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    Re: Looking for a website...

    I think all the food is cooked the same seeing how you can get a burger at so manyplaces in the park I believe get them well done but I could be wrong
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    Re: Looking for a website...

    Ig you want a burger cooked your way go to ESPN Zone
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