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    Since I'll be at work, It'll be a Khaki's and a Collar during the day, shorts and a t-shirt at night. If it was a Friday (night) or a Sunday (afternoon) I'd be wearing hockey gear.

    Wish I'd be in the park though
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    A new york style suit. Seen in Guys and Dolls and West Side Story. O what great plays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ortizmo2000
    I may have to find a pair of devil horns and spray paint the suckers gold. :devil:
    I can make you a pair that will actually blend with your head. Just let me know, and I'll bring 'em next time I see you at the park.

    As for me, I was going to do a gold Mouseketeer thing, but I'm now making a dark blue "Pluto" skirt, and probably a golden scarf around my neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disneykat
    OMG someone HAS to wear the leopard print martini dress that is on that 50's clothes site!!!
    I will help me find one....

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