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    Re: Why Isn't Lumpy the Heffalump at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by thrax View Post
    what the hell! when did this happen tell me more?

    lumpy isn't in the park because he's from one of the direct to dvd movies, like why you don't see leroy junning around the park or scamp
    Scamp was actually in the original as a puppy and also got some Golden Books, which I have one of in one of those Golden Book treasuries.
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    Re: Why Isn't Lumpy the Heffalump at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mineux View Post
    I thought the Heffalump movie was released in theatres.. hrmm. Im not saying he should be put in the ride, i mean, the ride is based on the halloween Pooh cartoon. But he should be available like Marie or something. I mean, there is no Aristocats attraction, but they sell her!

    I asked a cast member at Pooh Corner about Lumpy, and he called the merchandise hq of the park and said "Yes, i have a guest here and she is inquiring about any merchandise with Lumpy thee Heffalump" It was in the cutest voice too. But no dice. They had the Heffabees though.

    The UK Disney store has the BEST Lumpy merchandise, thats how i fell in love with him!
    The Disney Store by me has a lot of Lumpy merchandise.

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