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    An Introduction To WDW For DLR Vets

    For anyone contemplating a trip to WDW for the first time, I have compiled lots of useful info in the link below from the MC WDW forum.

    "An Introduction To WDW For DLR Vets"

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    Re: An Introduction To WDW For DLR Vets

    "I've always said that there will never be another Disneyland, and I think it's going to work out that way. But it will be the equivalent of Disneyland. We know the basic things that have family appeal. There are many ways that you can use those certain basic things and give them a new decor, a new treatment. This concept here will have to be something that is unique, so there is a distinction between Disneyland in California and whatever Disney does in Florida."

    So they built another Disneyland

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