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    A New Attraction for Innoventions

    I know that some people want to demolish Innoventions but my idea i think can work inside the innoventions attraction building.

    I was just reading an article about Western River Expedition and how they had models of it in the opera house before it was even going to be built. They would prep it up by saying how great this new attraction was going to be.

    MY PROPOSAL: That Disney releases some of their ideas to the public thru sketches and models etc. future ideas for attractions and reach out to the public on ideas that they have. It would be a perfect way to market the new rides (If lots of people like a particular ride, build it). Plenty of people will show up to look at these things, particularly AP'ers.
    A seperate floor could be deticated to past proposals that never got chosen for whatever reason... even a permanent museum of great artifacts in Disney history.

    I realize they would have to do it after the sponsorships are over but it would be perfect for a "world of tommorow" in a practical corporate sense.

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    Re: A New Attraction for Innoventions

    I like it...and they could do it now, just get rid of certain things on the second floor. First floor is supposed to be from sponsorships.

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