One of my favorite shows I've never seen is BraviSEAmo at Tokyo Disney Sea. While the music is beautiful the scenes, while cool, tend to go on for too long without anything new happening. Also the water fountains don't seem that advanced. They tend to be slow and kind of boring after a minute.

However, I would love to see an upgraded version of this show installed at DCA with more advanced fountains.

I put together two small videos that might give you an idea of what this might look like. I've taken some footage of the fountains at Bellagio and put it to music from BraviSEAmo.


On the first video the part to focus on is at the 38 second mark. The rest of the video is hit and miss on syncronization, but still might give you a rough idea of what it might be like.


In this video, focus on the 18 second mark. Give the audio a second or two to start. This one is better than the first.

So imagine these two videos with that dumb sun wheel in the background and better lighting. I think something like this would make nights at DCA more enjoyable.