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    Re: Toy Story Mania ride to take it up a notch - Orlando Sentinel, 1/27/07

    Quote Originally Posted by 3rdshiftCM View Post
    They don't need to be over themed, it would just distract from playing anyway.
    That's a very dangerous way to look at things, and is preciesely what Disney hopes we're thinking.

    Sorry, but I don't see the harm in a richly-detailed interactive attraction? Since when do we need to settle on one-or-the-other?

    What about the demographic who is wants to ride, but doesn't like video games?

    Toy Story Mania should seamlessly blend together top-notch themeing and storytelling with its interactive elements, a concept which seems to be lacking from the initial concept sketches.

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    Re: Toy Story Mania ride to take it up a notch - Orlando Sentinel, 1/27/07

    He's not Michael Eisner.

    He's not that hands-on.

    He is hands-on. WITH Lasseter and Jobs. THATS IT. Im now 100% convinced, especially w/ the Zemeckis news, that Iger was brought in for the SOLE purpose of putting Disney content on Ipods and restructuring WDFA and the live action divison. He seems to be completly aloof and clueless when it comes to the parks and seems to let JR run roughshod all over that division. We keep hearing that Iger wants to take care of WDFA FIRST and then move onto the Parks. Well, we dont see that day comming..........

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    Re: Toy Story Mania ride to take it up a notch - Orlando Sentinel, 1/27/07

    I think this ride will be fantastic addition to DCA, and with the future plans for the park I think the 10 year anniversary of DCA will bring it into a new era of being the sister park to Disneyland with all the rides and theming they will be adding.

    The interactivity ride that was based on a Famous 3D moving now over 10 years old that is still very popular today. Think about it look at Snow White, Pinocchio, Sleepin Beauty and Peter Pan.. Toy Story is on that same avenue it may not be 2D Classic Animation but it was a break through in Animation at that time and has created a fan base that rivals the classics. Thats what will make it popular for years to come.

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