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    Value of Collectables Help!

    My house was burglarized and a box of my Disneyana taken. NO amount of money will get these back but I need to list for insurance. Alot of what was taken was more sentimental than $$$. I have gotten a lot of pictures and values from Ebay. I was wondering if anyone had or knew of the custom watch made for ODV employess. It was designed by a cast member. It was Mickey presenting dressed in the lovely yellow with red stripe polyester from 1993. Would anyone have an idea what to say for a value? Among other exlcusive cast member pins we had the decoding card given out for Indiana Jones and a pin for the opening day. /What value for those? Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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    Re: Value of Collectables Help!

    I am really sorry to hear about that. Im sure that SOMEONE on these forums has the price on these items...

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    Re: Value of Collectables Help!

    Collectibles are usually only covered for about $1000 unless they are additionally insured. Hope this will cover your losses! Disneyana items can add up quickly!
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    Re: Value of Collectables Help!

    Speaking of eBay, make a couple of favorite searches with descriptions that you think might lead to your item. Thieves often find that this sort of item yields more money on eBay than they can get from a fence. I've read about quite a few collectibles that have been recovered by victims finding them on eBay.
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