My fiance and I deciced to go visit the park on friday evening. The weather was a little bit on the cool side but there was no wind so the chances of a successfull fireworks show were looking good.

We arrived at the structure about 6:30, found a fairly close parking spot near the escalators and arrived at the tram loading area just as a tram was arriving. Perfect timing.

We breezed through the senior citizens security center because most of the guests ahead of us had no bags of any kind so we were all waved right through.

The main gate had a little bit of traffic due to a snag in the entry process. I'm not sure what happened but the person holding up the line was finally granted admission after a 10 minute delay.

We made it inside the park just a minute past seven and the parade was about to start. We decided to stop and watch it. We climbed the steps to see it from above at the station. We noticed the benches were roped off and I asked the CM standing nearby if we could sit inside the roped off area. Thankfully the CM was nice enough to allow us to sit in the benches and we enjoyed the parade. I know these benches are reserved for a reason but I don't see why they don't take the ropes down once the parade starts and it's obvious that nobody is going to use them so that was the rest of us can use them.

So, after the parade we walked down main street and headed to Haunted Mansion. Traffic was relatively very light and we did notice when we were comming in that alot of people were leaving, which was good for us because it meant less crowds.

The Mansion was an easy walk on without any waiting involved. It was very loud and noisy in the foyer due to the excessive amount of noise comming from the guests, each guest talking louder than the other so they can be heard. Same noise happened in the elevator. Kind of annoying but what can you do? It got worse when halfway during the ride some fat chick and her friends decide to start taking flash pictures of everything starting in Madame Leotas room to the very end. Of course the CM monitoring the attraction from the tower didn't come on the PA and remind her to stop taking flash pictures so she just kept snapping away. I almost pelted her with a Mentos but I didn't want to waste it, plus I didn't want to risk hitting an innocent bystander. When we exited the ride the flashing fat chick and friend were heading for Pirates and we were NOT.

We walked over to Big Thunder and see the line if unusually long so we skipped on that and went to Star Tours. That line was also a little long, starting just outside the entrance, but I didn't mind waiting. It's been a long time since I've waiting in the que that I had forotten about all the details so I enjoyed it. The ride itself was excellent as always except I have notice that the TV monitors inside the Starspeeder need to be fixed. They were really dark and you could hardly see anything. Other than that the ride was good.

We left Star Tours and decided to look for my parents, who were also in the park. They tend to be creatures of habit also, which is where I got it from I guess, so it wasn't too hard to find them. Sure enough they were sitting on a bench near the hub enjoying some coffee and waiting for the fireworks. So we hung out and waited for the show, which started on time and was awesome as usual. The crowds were light so the show was an absolute pleasure to watch and enjoy.

After the show we killed some time in the shops on main street and eventually made our way to the trams. It wasn't too bad, waited for 3 trams before we finally got to board.

All in all it was a very pleasant but brief trip to the park on a chilly friday night.