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    Compliments to CMs, now email?

    We wanted to give props to a CM at DCA and one at DL, but they both referred us to the Disneyland website and said to write an email.

    This takes the fun out of it.

    Anybody know why they do this now?
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    Re: Compliments to CMs, now email?

    It takes an extra step now... DOH!

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    Re: Compliments to CMs, now email?

    I left a written compliment for two cast members at City Hall yesterday. They seemed very happy to get it. You can do it by email, but the "old-fashioned" was is still available.
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    Re: Compliments to CMs, now email?

    On Saturday, Tinkerbelle and Pixie Chick wanted to but they were given a card to do it online. Weird.
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