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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    Quote Originally Posted by PragmaticIdealist View Post
    I also like that the rafts appear to be made by indiginous tribespeople. That direction is precisely the way G.R.R. should go.

    The mythology of the original Californians has tremendous potential to be made into a D.C.A. attraction. And, their conservationist mindset would give G.R.R. more of a purpose and would work well with the John Muir-inspired ideas the rest of this region of D.C.A. presents.
    After looking at that pic, I also wondered if GRR could be rethemed with a Native American look. But CAN the new theme still work with the load station and lift hill?

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    Quote Originally Posted by filmfreak11 View Post
    After looking at that pic, I also wondered if GRR could be rethemed with a Native American look. But CAN the new theme still work with the load station and lift hill?
    Maybe change the standard lumber with a log cabin/fort type style?

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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    I'm going to agree with everyone else and say that it look alot like DCA.

    I got this idea while walking through EPCOT. During the 50th, they had banners advertising the Disney Park that is in that country. Paris had Euro Disneyland Banners, Hong Kong had Hong Kong Disneyland Banners....

    Let's make a Disney Theme Park (In Texas, or Utah) (Just because I want one in Utah) that is a Disney Parks around the world.... That would solve everyone's problem.
    Everyland would be a different disneyland park. So in this secenario everyland would have a Castle, etc...


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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    Quote Originally Posted by PragmaticIdealist View Post
    I couldn't disagree more with you. The Magic Kingdom isn't just a collection of rides and characters.

    The Magic Kingdom is a collection of worlds.

    To take the characters and stories out of those worlds is to render all of it meaningless. When Disneyland first opened, Frontierland was about both tall tales and true, and Tomorrowland was about the science-fictional, as well as the science-factual. As EPCOT opened, Disneyland's focus shifted towards the imaginary core of the experience, but that fact does not mean that EPCOT was any less interesting. World's fairs existed long before it, and Disney created several wonderful attractions and pavilions for those events. In a similar way, Adventureland, with its "Tru-Life Adventures" and "People and Places" components, gave way to Disney's Animal Kingdom, which is also interesting and which had several precedents in the form of zoological and botanical gardens.

    People can appreciate a great many things, and Disney should not be beholden to the misconception that all people want are more bears or pigs or dwarfs.

    People don't know what they want, sometimes.
    Conceding to your point, I still say that dry renactments of tortilla making and hydroponic growth are of little interest to most people. You mentioned science fiction, and faction, and western history as being primary motivations for early Disney concepts; I would suggest that either is far more entertaning than tortilla making or hydropnic plant growth.
    I went to EPCOT before Mission:Space, Test track, NEMO or Soarin', and even though I've been accutely fascinated with museums and learning my whole life (my parents have taken me to just about every museum, zoo, and aquarium from Colorado to the Texas panhandle to the beaches of Southern California in my youth on vacations), and I was, quite frankly, bored at EPCOT. Disney sometimes tries to strike a balance between education and fun, and sometimes they succeed--as you mentioned Animal Kingdom, but YesterCOT for me was little more than a bunch of overly simplified sub-grade dark rides that held little interest educationally or recreationally; and modern DCA doesn't even have the dark rides. Again, Disney has proven they can do this, but Civil War reenactments? an exhibit on Ellis Island? These things are better left to the real deal.
    Forget 'Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln,' Samantha Brown is Disney's most sophisticated animatronic.
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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    Yeah, they definitely integrated most of Disney's
    America into DCA. And a National Forrest area
    (GRR) has a good basis, and a few good scenic
    areas, BUT even in California, most people don't
    want to get as wet as GRR often does. Condor
    Flats turned out well too. Even the Hollywood
    section has potential.

    But the Problem areas are poor layout, bad entrance
    that doesn't transport you anywhere (like the Train
    Station, Tunnels, and Main St. ) and Lack of feature
    at main vantage point (i.e. No "Main St" and NO
    Castle type feature drawing you in).

    BUT the most dismaying observation at DCA's Park
    opening is the lack of vegatation (that makes a
    park a park) and the insulting of Disney imagineers
    and Disney Guests by making a futile attempt at constructing
    a "land" of off the shelf carney ride and attractions, and
    surrounding the entire abomination with a roller coaster "Magically
    Disguised" as a Roller Coaster. Idiotic, Lame Brain,
    no imagination needed for an area that wasted half of
    the entire Park. (Just because it could and WAS done
    on the cheap.)

    In addition, the monstrosity would be the most visable,
    1st look at what this new park would be all about.
    UGGGH! You can ride a real woody over at Knotts,
    along with other lame coasters.

    Disney had always been about making experiences
    special, and even at DL, The 1st tubular roller coaster
    was themed as a Swiss Mt. Then of course Space
    took you into Outspace entirely in the dark, and
    Big Thunder was a run away Train. BUT at DCA
    forget your imagination, and head for the oridinary!
    Paradise Pier is a disgrace to All Disney theme parks.

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    Re: DCA and Disney's America

    I don't think the visuals of Western River Expedition could be taken in via a vehicle spinning round and round. And everyone gets soaked. It needs to keep it's extreme sports/thrill ride theme, even if it goes Retro and turns into a 30s Natl Park setting.

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