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    Dapper Dans Auditions

    Does anyone know what the auditions are like? Just curious.

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    Re: Dapper Dans Auditions

    No idea but I would think simple moving (for their dancing) and lots of showing offf your personality! Well, that and singing.

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    Re: Dapper Dans Auditions

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackdack View Post
    Does anyone know what the auditions are like? Just curious.
    Typically for this type of audition they'll give you music to learn at the beginning. They'll split the group up based on parts and teach the first piece of music. Once everyone has had a reasonable amount of time to learn the first piece, they'll take one vocal part at a time, and each guy will sing their part individually.

    Based on that, there will probably be a cut.

    After that, there will be some sort of movement evaluation. With a gig like this, and based on the shows in the park currently, I'd imagine this will be along the lines of a waltz clog and soft-shoe. Usually everyone is taught as a group, and then they'll look at guys in groups of four or so, and time permitting you might get two attempts - sometimes they do it twice so that they can get a better look at the guys who were in the back row the first time around.

    Based on that, there will probably be a cut.

    Chances are, that's all that will happen on the first day. If you make it over those two hurdles you'll probably be asked to come back for callbacks.

    Callbacks consist of "more of same" although you can expect the music and dance combinations to be more tricky. Chances are for a group like this, after they've made a cut at the callbacks they'll start putting guys in groups of four to listen to blend and to see who can hold a part when standing next to three other guys singing completely different stuff... That's also a good time to show off your personality as well.

    If they want to get really in-depth, they might take quartets and throw a little dialogue on you to see what you have in the way of comic timing.

    It can take a good long while to get through that process - depending upon how many guys show up, of course.

    That said, things might be totally different at this audition, but hopefully that will give you a general idea of what to expect.

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