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    Cool My Disneyland trip starts today!

    Well, i'm off to DL this morning. I'm so excited! Today is strictly DL while 2morrow is both. But im taking lots o' pictures. (4 cameras worth) and hopefully figure out a trip report next week. lol. Anyways, im thinking of stopping by the little greet 2morrow at noon, so hopefully i can meet some of you. I've only been on here for a while, but im egar(SP) to meet you guys. I gotta go. Bye


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    Re: My Disneyland trip starts today!

    hope you have a great holiday...sure wish i could be down there as well!
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    Re: My Disneyland trip starts today!

    Have a fun trip!

    You should stop by for the will be happy that you did. Meets are always fun.

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